Over Twenty Years Experience

  • Art Direction

  • Photography

  • Idea & Brand Marketing

  • Artwork & Digital Strategy

  • Direct Marketing

  • Website Design and Development

We’re proud to be a wholly owned Australian family run business, and even prouder to have been in business since 2001 serving a large group of brilliant companies and people who call us their agency.

The words and phrases most uttered by our clients in describing us are “reliable”, “creative”, “they bend over backwards for us”, “our biggest supporters”, “really happy with the finished product”…

“Brand5” was born out of 20 years experience when the Parise Group wanted to better meet the needs in the marketplace for highly creative marketing. The top level of experience and dedication carries through to all our projects making us true leaders in commercial art, graphic design and idea marketing.

The team is led by Daniel Parise who has been a graphic designer and account manager since 1992. Daniel was originally an innovator in computer design for press advertising along with a typographer for Sydney CBD printing businesses for around a decade under the mentorship of Linton Tinkler who was renowned in ad-land for being a superlative designer and branding professional since 1978.

Daniel has worked alongside dozens of artists and designers in his career and is grateful for the omnipresent love of art and service that has bounced between them all, releasing now in our new entity called “Brand5”.